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Welcome to Physics- Syllabus

Physics - Policies and Procedures


Instructor: Mrs. Downen                       




Tuesday, Thursday mornings 8 am-8:40 am and Tuesday, Thursday afternoons 4:15-5, no tutoring on Wednesdays due to faculty/department meetings. Any other time by appointment only. Students may seek tutoring from any physics teacher. The tutoring schedule is posted next to the door of D07.



Throughout the course, you will study many fundamental theories and topics in the field of physics. This course will also provide the opportunity for you to develop knowledge of general scientific principles and skills and then apply these in an investigative atmosphere.  You will be asked to think critically and use logic to solve problems. These are essential skills for any career so I will ask you to participate fully. I am looking forward to working with you this year.



Required: 1 roll of paper towels or 1 box Kleenex


                  Composition book or spiral


                  Folder or binder with a section for physics


Student Expectations:

  1. I will be on time to class.
  2. I will be quiet during announcements.
  3. I will not ask to take bathroom breaks while Mrs. Downen is talking.
  4. I will remain seated until the bell rings.
  5. I will keep my cell phone and other electronics in my bag unless they are being used for classroom purposes.
  6. I will be friendly and respectful to all members of the class.
  7. I will pay attention during lecture or directions.
  8. I will write neatly on all assignments.
  9. I will complete all assigned work.
  10. I will be safe during lab and completely clean up when done.
  11. I will follow all district policies, including dress code.
  12. Have fun and learn physics!!!!



Practicing what we have learned is very important for your success. Homework should be taken seriously and completed thoroughly. You are encouraged to come to tutoring if you need further assistance or clarification.



Quizzes will cover information presented in previous classes and homework. There are no retakes on quizzes.


Grading/Late Work:  Grading and late work will be in accordance with NEISD policy. Please retrieve all work and complete all make-up work DURING TUTORING HOURS. I will not give missed work during regular class time. Students should not ask teachers about late or make up work during class. Tests and quizzes should be made up within a week after the student returns to school.


Reteach/Retest:  Reteach and Retest will be in accordance with NEISD policy.  Any student who does not make a 70% on an exam has the opportunity to try again. Students will have ONE week to take a retest.  Students need to see Mrs. Downen during tutoring times to complete the retest.The maximum grade to be earned on a retest is a 70%.


Grades   Tests/Projects               35%

              Investigations              40%               

              Classwork/Homework    25%               



Final notes:

Physcis is challenging, it is very important that you do not fall behind.  Cheating will not be tolerated.


Lab safety is very important!!!! Do not horseplay and always use caution.


HAVE FUN! Mrs. Downen is here to help, ASK QUESTIONS!