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What will I be learning this year?

Level 1 At-a-glance for Parents
Level 2 At-a-glance for Parents

Level 1 Student Learning Checklists:
* Unit 1 - "How do I make new friends?"
* Unit 2 - "How do I spend my time?"
* Unit 3 - "How do I interact within my community?"
* Unit 4 - "What inspires people to travel?"

Level 2 Student Learning Checklists:
* Unit 1 - "How do I represent myself?"
* Unit 2 - "How do I describe what I see?"
* Unit 3 - "How do we celebrate one another?"
* Unit 4 - "How do homes and schools represent culture?"

(Official district documents for 3rd and 4th Year courses will be available to the public beginning in the 2019-2020 school year.)

Will I be "fluent" by the end of the course?

In NEISD World Language classes, we monitor students' growing proficiency in their language of study through multiple performance-based assessments every term. Our proficiency targets for each course are built around the guidelines published by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL).

Our proficiency targets for Japanese courses in NEISD World Languages are:

Level 1: Novice High
Level 2: Intermediate Low
Level 3 and beyond: Intermediate Mid