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Classroom Expectations

In World Geography we will use the Learn Like a CHAMP behavior expectations. For each activity practiced in class, a set of behavioral instructions will be expected from all students based on CHAMP. CHAMP is a set of questions that help guide students during instruction. During the first week of school, students will learn what these activities are and the expectations during these activities.

C Conversation – Can students talk during this activity? With whom can they speak?
H Help – How does the student ask for help during the activity? How do students get the teacher’s attention?
A Activity – What is the task or objective? What is the end product?
M Movement – Can students move about? If so, for what reasons? Do they need permission?
P Participation –What does the expected student behavior look like? How do students show participation?

If any individual is struggling to meet these expectations, then the following will take place:


The class will follow the policy of the district for electronic devices. Personal electronic devices will only be used for educational purposes. If the student needs to contact a parent/guardian, the parent/guardian will need to call the front office.