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AP US History Class Syllabus



DATE:  August 28

FOCUS:  APUSH the Course

OBJECTIVES:  Getting to know the course

ACTIVITIES:  Course Information page, Student Bio Sheet

HOMEWORK:  Get Course Information Page signed and return tomorrow;  join the Google classroom

DATE:  August 29

FOCUS:  AP Course and the College Board Exam

OBJECTIVES:  Learn about the structure of the APUSH exam

ACTIVITIES: Discuss Course Framework

DATE:  August 30

FOCUS:  Using Primary and Secondary Sources

KEY CONCEPT:  Historical Thinking Skills

OBJECTIVES:  Evaluate differences between primary and secondary documents and their uses.

ACTIVITIES:  Get Textbooks;  Reagan Letter Activity, UCSD video on sources (YouTube);  Explain procedures for reading textbook

DATE:  August 31

FOCUS:  Colliding Worlds 1450-1600

KEY CONCEPT:  1.1  Before the arrival of Europeans, native populations in North America a wide variety of social, political, and economic structures based in part on interactions with the environments and each other.

OBJECTIVES:  Evaluate the lifestyles of Native Americans before contact with the Europeans.

ACTIVITIES:  Read and answer questions from Chapter 1 Reading Guide

HOMEWORK:  Finish reading questions for Chapter 1

DATE:  September 1

FOCUS:  Colliding Worlds 1450-1600

KEY CONCEPT:  1.2 European overseas expansion resulted in the Columbian Exchange;  1.3 Contacts among American Indians, Africans, and Europeans challenged world views of each group.

OBJECTIVES:  Understand the impact of cultural exchange between the old and new worlds.

ACTIVITIES:  Discuss Chapter 1