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Welcome to Art!

In the Art I and Advanced Drawing courses, students will be exposed to a variety of techniques and mediums throughout the year. Your student will do some drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, art history, and creative thinking. I realize that the artistic and creative skills of students will vary, however, I expect all of my students to CHALLENGE themselves and continuously strive to improve.

Many factors will be considered in grading. Obviously final product determines a good portion of the grade, however, effort is equally and sometimes moreso heavily weighted. I want to see my students challenge themselves, this is obvious when they are working hard, applying the effort necessary to improve their artistic skills, and making excellent use of classroom time. Their nine weeks grade will be based on their daily/project average and participation (use of classroom time and studio habits).

This year students are expected to pay a supply fee. Instead of students going out and purchasing their supplies,  I took advantage of discounts offered to the school and purchased your student's supplies for you. The students received high quality materials and received twice what they would have received had they purchased their own supplies.


12 set of Prismacolor Color Pencils

Ebony pencil

 pencil case

rollerball pen

Magic Rub eraser

Safe T compass

Prang watercolor set





Drawing II, III, IV

24 set Prismacolor Color Pencils

Ebony Pencil

Portfolio Drawing Pencil Set

Avery Pencil Case

Pilot Rollerball Pen

Magic Rub Eraser

Safe T Compass

Prang Watercolor Set

12 count oil pastels

charcoal pencil

blending stump

graphite stick

colorless blender

Strathmore Hardbound Sketchbook