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Chemistry Classroom Policies, Procedures and Rules

CHEMISTRY 2018-2019 – LEE HS                             Google Classroom Code:

Ms. Kerr Chapa – Room S-207                                     ____________________


Conference period: 8th


Welcome to Chemistry! This year we will explore and investigate a variety of topics.  These topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • 1st semester - Matter, Atoms, the Periodic Table, Nuclear Chem, Writing Formulas, Naming Compounds, Bonding between Atoms
  • 2nd semester – The Mole, Balancing Equations, Stoichiometry, Gas Laws, Thermochemistry, Solutions, Acids and Bases

Scope & Sequence/TEKS: On NEISD Science Page (see me if a copy is desired)

Grading Policy:

            30% -Daily Assignments

            30%- Laboratory Investigations

            40% -Tests/Projects

Requirements for Assignments/ Labs:

  • All work must be neat, legible, and original. When solving math problems ALL work/ALL steps must be shown to receive credit (no exceptions).  Do not doodle/draw on assignments.  Unauthorized copying by you or from you is cheating and will not be tolerated.
  • Correct spelling and grammar should be used. Complete sentences should be used for short answer questions.
  • Assignments must be turned in on time. Late work is strongly discouraged and will receive reduced grades or zeros.

Make-up Work:

  • If absent, it’s your responsibility to get any assignments or notes. Check the “Absent File”. Email me, especially if absences will be extended. Make-up work is due the following class period, unless I say otherwise.
  • Tests and labs must be made up within one week of your return to school. Make-ups can be done during tutoring times. (See below)
  • Assignments from BEFORE your absence are due when you return to class. CHECK GOOGLE Classroom OFTEN!

Classroom Norms: Be Prepared, Be Polite, Be Punctual, Be a Participator.

Classroom Rules: NO mobile devices/earbuds visible once bell rings (NO exceptions); No talking when teacher speaks; No disrespectful words, tones or actions towards anyone at any time.  Make NO markings that leave temporary or permanent marks on anything that doesn’t belong to you.  No sleeping or resting head on desk/table. 

Laboratory Rules: Follow all NEISD Science Safety Policies and Rules

  • No food, drinks, gum, backpacks or mobile devices in laboratory.

Tardy Policy:  The school tardy policy is strictly enforced. (5 tardies=1 detention)

  • IF you are tardy, remove earbuds before entering and come into class without disruption. Get supplies out & catch up with the class.

Materials for Class:

  • Spiral Notebook (2): One for Fall 18’ & the other for Spring 19’; Pencils


  • Tutoring is available Tuesday & Thursdays at 8:15 am and 4:15 pm. Please make an appointment with me for other times (i.e. lunch).