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Commonly Asked Questions About ISS

                                                                             Commonly Asked Questions About ISS


Q: How will I get my classroom assignments?

A: Your teachers will be advised that you have been assigned ISS and the number of days you have been assigned. They may give you the work the day before your first day or they may just send the day of your assignment in ISS. I will also send an email every morning of each day you are in ISS as well.

Q: Do I bring my text books, notebook paper, pencils?

A: Yes, you should bring any text books that you know you will need in order to complete that teachers assignment(s). You can also bring paper, pencils, and markers or colored pencils, however I will have all of those items as well as glue, tape and other items you may need.

Q: Do I have to turn in my cell phone or other electronics?

A: All cell phones and electronic equipment must be turned in at the beginning of the day in ISS. Those items turned in will be returned at the end of the day.

Q: May I bring snacks and a drink?

A: ISS is structured and set up in a manner that does not allow for student(s) to have or eat snacks. You may bring your own lunch, however you must follow these guidelines: No Soda, No food that has to be heated and no excessive junk food.

Q: Do I get to eat lunch in the cafeteria?

A: Lunch is picked up from the cafeteria, brought to the ISS room and eaten there.

Q: May I bring a book or magazine to read while I’m in ISS.

A: You are encouraged to bring a book to read once you have finished your teacher’s assignments or to pass time away in between assignments.

Q: If I miss my assigned day of ISS due to illness do I have to make it up?

A: You are required to make-up your ISS day whether it is due to illness or any other reason.