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Customized Learning

projects and assignments are designed for Open-ended Design choices based on individual interests and stregths.  This concept is based on Google and other innovative companies that allow employees to work on projects that they choose and/or with a team that they pick.  At Google, this happens 1 day out of the 5 day work week.  The other 4 days are structured to have employees working on the projects that the company dictates.  In the classroom, students pick a project that relates to the course they signed up for.  They plan & estimate the time it will take to complete the project and then G-mail me the final product or progress documentation during each grading period.  When a project is complete, students will immediately repeat this process with a new project until we run out of days.  

In general, projects choices allow students to customize what they are learning is our daily work enviroment.  On Mondays, students pick a professional trade magazine on-line and read articles regularly about the specialized areas in Engineering or Architecture.  This is shared with me regularly in a few sentences through a G-mail.