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All aboard the Coffee Cart Express!

Many of us start our day with a cup of coffee. On Friday’s, the teachers at Northern Hills Elementary School get their coffee delivered by Alternative Learning Environment (ALE) students. 

On Thursdays, teachers fill out their order forms and choose from options like coffee, hot tea and hot chocolate. When the students get to class on Friday they brew the coffee and make their deliveries in person under the supervision of the ALE and Redirection team. Pushing the cart around the building is probably their favorite part.

“The goal of the Coffee Cart Express is to teach valuable work skills, work ethics, and social skills, as well as communication and math skills to our special education students,” said Yasleitza Rivera-Natal, Northern Hills Administrative Intern. “Students can develop their skills in various ways using the coffee cart. From the production of the beverages to the delivery, there is something to be learned at every step of the process. Not only is it an opportunity for developing skills, but it is also an enjoyable time for students and staff on campus.” 

New skills aren’t the only things brewing at Northern Hills. Students and teachers are also gaining fun memories that make Fridays even more special.

Northern Hills Coffee cart students prepare the coffee pot

Posted by Lila Stanley
Posted on 10-28-22