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Madison students get eye-opening lunch lesson.

Madison PTSA hosts safe driving event

Madison High School got an eye-opening lesson during lunch on Thursday, Oct. 20. Near the courtyard, there was a truck that looked like it had flipped several times, a San Antonio Fire Truck, several members of area law enforcement and an Acadian ambulance. Thankfully, there wasn’t a crash—the elaborate setup gave students an opportunity to learn about the dangers of drunk driving and the importance of making smart choices when they get behind the wheel. Students were invited to put on goggles that made them feel like they were under the influence of alcohol, then got behind the wheel of a small car. Others donned the goggles and tried their best to walk a straight line. In between tasks, Bexar County Sheriff’s Office deputies and officers from the San Antonio Police Department talked to students about the dangers of driving under the influence. 

“Our children and their lives are precious to us,” said Madison PTSA President and parent Caprice Garcia. “It’s our job as parents to teach them safe driving habits and how to make good decisions. The students have gotten a first-hand experience of what it’s like driving drunk, and they have been surprised that alcohol can affect them that much.”

The Madison PTSA hosted the event, provided students with information on drunk driving, and invited them to learn more about the Smart driving club.

“I want them to be as safe as possible,” said parent and PTSA member Sara Aguilar. “Also, we share the road with these kids, so we want them to be safe. This event was an eye-opener for us as parents too.”

Helping students make smart driving decisions #theNEISDway.

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Posted by: Evan Henson
posted on: 10/20/2022