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“It’s a dream come true for him.”

Antonio pictured with NEPD officers supporting him

“He always wanted to be an officer. I never imagined this. It’s a dream come true for him.” 

Alondra Ortega was overcome with emotion and gratitude as she watched her son, Antonio, become an honorary member of the North East Police Department (NEPD). The Driscoll Middle School sixth grader is currently battling Batten Disease, a rare terminal disease that impacts his nervous system and has caused him to become visually impaired. 

Applause, cheers and tears erupted as he entered the gym wearing a custom-made uniform, duty belt, boots and badge. The induction ceremony was a complete surprise to Antonio’s family, as he was recognized before his sister’s volleyball game. After the ceremony, Antonio walked the gym with NEPD Officer John Trevino, high-fiving Driscoll and Harris middle school players before their game while the crowd cheered. 

Antonio celebrated in the gym before the Driscoll volleyball games

Ortega says the moment was a real-life dream come true for her son.

“When he was three years old, he saw an officer on a motorcycle and has wanted to be an officer ever since,” said Ortega. “I just knew something was happening at the volleyball game. It was a big, big surprise. Thank you so much.” 

Officer Trevino met Antonio in the hallways of Driscoll. He remembers the moment his teachers told Antonio he was a police officer. Antonio lit up and reached for his uniform, smiling as his fingers found his badge. Once Trevino found out about Antonio’s condition, he started planning to make his dream of becoming an officer come true. 

“It’s his dream to be an officer so his story tugged at my heart strings,” said Trevino. “We started taking donations to cover the uniform. The uniform shop paid half, NEPD pitched in and Driscoll staff pitched in to cover an embroidered uniform, boots and duty belt. I hope he loves it.” 

Antonio did love it, and so did his family. His mom will never forget the kindness and compassion shown to her son that night. 

“He’s the joy of my life. He’s everything to me. I’m very blessed to have my son and we’re going to be there for him no matter what.”

Antonio with NEPD Officer John Trevino


Posted by Lila Stanley
Posted on 10-18-22