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Wood Wrangler dancers get a taste of high school

Wood Wrangler Dancers with the Madison Dollies at their football game

5,6,7,8 -- Friday night was really great!

Wood Middle School Dance Teacher Andrea Arevalo and her eighth graders got a taste of high school when they joined the Madison High School dancers at Friday night’s game. 

Madison Dance directors Shelly Flynn and Mary Anne Barrow invited the dancers over for Middle School Spirit Night 2022, and Arevalo says this connection was just what our dance programs needed.

“The opportunity to collaborate and expose upcoming freshman dancers to the sights and sounds of Friday night dance was perfect! What an electrifying evening for my middle school dancers. I could see the pure joy and excitement in their eyes as I watched them perform in the stands alongside the Dollies, Fillies and First Ladies.”

Milan Acriche-Ambriz and her fellow Dollies generously shared their knowledge and expertise with the Wood Wrangler dancers. It also allowed Arevalo to reconnect with many of her former students who are still pursuing their passion for dance. 

“As an educator, I always encourage my students to get involved and find what excites them about coming to school each day. Thank you to Mrs. Flynn and Mrs. Barrow for sharing nights like this to share with students, showcase our fine arts programs, and watch our students in the Madison cluster shine!”

Posted by Lila Stanley
Posted on 10-11-22