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KSAT teachers problem-solve just like students

ksat rockets

One of the coolest parts of Krueger School of Applied Technologies (KSAT) is the hands-on learning and rocket building. COVID-19 put that in jeopardy. Like they teach their students, the KSAT team was presented with a problem and had to figure out a solution.

“With the new routines of the 2020-2021 school year, we have to be even more creative,” said KSAT math teacher Christin Herrada.

Herrada and the team created solutions for every grade level to make sure in-person students could work with virtual students. They made sure the rocket building continued this year. They also offered to stay after school to give virtual students a chance to work more socially distant but still get to work hands-on with power tools and other technology that can’t be sent home.

“It has been nice to provide virtual students the chance to come to campus and work with us,” said eighth-grade Principles of Applied Engineering teacher Tracy Thomas.

Herrada added, “As teachers, it has been wonderful to finally meet the students behind the screen. We are building stronger relationships with our virtual learners that will help to solidify their online learning.”

Overall, the KSAT CTE program has always been driven by teamwork, hard work, integrity, and the willingness to go above and beyond for the students and their success.

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Posted by: Evan Henson
posted on: 02/25/2021