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Churchill soccer team wipes out cafeteria debt

Service to others is one of the core values at Churchill High School. This is part of what inspired the boys’ soccer team to rally together and raise funds to pay off the student cafeteria debt at Churchill and Eisenhower Middle School. Captain Luke Anthony says each player chipped in what they could to pay off a nearly $800.

“Each player donated about 10 to 15 dollars,” said Captain Luke Anthony. “And we wiped out that debt on campus so the kids can have a fresh start this semester.”

When asked why take on something like this, Anthony said, “I think it makes a huge difference in our school, our school has shown a lot of support in our soccer team, and we’ve made it a big priority to show support back in our campus.”

The team realizes they can’t fix poverty, but that can make a dent in the problem and make a difference among their peers. Their coach is making sure the team is learning lessons on and off the field, not just making them great soccer players, but better, well-rounded men.

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Posted by: Evan Henson
Posted on: 02/21/2020