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Pen Pal Staycation between Hidden Forest and Oak Meadow

Second-grade student Samantha Serold from Hidden Forrest Elementary School met an old friend today from Oak Meadow Elementary School. In fact, her entire class met their long time pen pals for the very first time today. Approximately 80 second-grade students boarded a bus to take part in the very first Pen Pal Staycation between Hidden Forest and Oak Meadow.

“I still have one of her letters in my desk,” said Laritza Basuel. “I was excited to meet Samantha, but I’m a little shy so I was kinda nervous.”

The students have been writing letters back and forth all year and today they finally got to meet in person. The students spent a morning getting to know each other and working on team-building activities.

“These sorts of activities help the kids synergize and work together,” said Grethen DeBerry, Oak Meadow teacher.  “Most importantly the students get to learn a lot about each other and students from another campus."

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