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Roosevelt volunteers with FIRST BOOK drive

Over the past week the Roosevelt High School Rough Rider Battalion’s Unarmed Drill team, the Riderettes, volunteered to help sort and pass out books that were donated from the North East AFT and the FIRST BOOK Organization. On March 25 - 26, the Riderettes reported to the NEISD warehouse to help organize the over 40,000 books, ranging in different age levels and genres.

“We would get carts with multiple stacks of books,” explained First Lieutenant Brianna Bustamante. “We sorted through those books and placed them in separate piles based on their titles.”

The following Saturday, the Riderettes volunteered to assist with passing out the same books to the community. They spent the whole day giving out the books to families and children. The event created a great team bonding opportunity for the new drill season.

“It was extremely rewarding to see how excited the kids were to receive the books,” said Captain Katya Rodriguez, “I love taking any opportunity to get out with my team and being able to give back to the community along with them was a super fulfilling experience and it brought us all closer together.”

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packing books    books