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From Krueger Falcon to Eagle Scout

a few pictures of Beyer working

MacArthur High School student Thomas Beyer remembers walking across the courtyard during his time at Krueger Middle School. He took classes at Krueger School of Applied Technologies (KSAT), and the courtyard was a great place to take pictures or videos for projects. But he noticed one problem.

“It can look dilapidated at times, and the existing pergola was not designed well for use by middle schoolers. So, my proposed eagle scout project plan is centered around the beautification of the courtyard.”

KSAT teaches students to identify problems and find solutions. That’s exactly what Beyer did. 

Using the knowledge gained through various courses at KSAT, he developed a plan to clean out drains, refurbish the flower beds and build a brand-new pergola. 

With the help of some friends, Beyer finished the project in just a couple of weeks, giving him and current Krueger students a courtyard they could be proud of.

“I feel the most rewarding part was seeing the pride and accomplishment in my volunteers. It was a nice reminder that my leadership led to a product that gave satisfaction to all those who worked on it and benefited from it.”

Way to go, Thomas. Making a difference #theNEISDway

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