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Reading Homework

READING FIVE Novels each quarter (Grading Period)

Students are to be reading independently for 30 minutes each night and bring a library book (or book from home) to class for our independent reading time. All ELAR 6th grade students are to read 5 novels EVERY grading period for a total of 20 novels for the year. After EACH novel finished, students are to record the title and genre on the Book Log and get a parent signature/initial next to each title. 

Students are to WRITE a book summary for 4 of the books and prepare a Book "Talk" for the 5th book.
For the Book Summaries, students are to use one sheet of notebook paper. Write the Title of the Book and Author on the Title line of the paper. Write a good summary that includes the characters, setting, conflict, and important plot events from the beginning, middle, and end of the story. Include a recommendation about the book. Would they recommend it or not? Why/Why not? (Please make sure the student writes their name and period # on the top right-hand corner of the paper.

Book talks are similar, but students are presenting their book to the class. Talking about the story summary, why they liked the book, why they chose it for the Book "Talk", etc.