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What to Expect in 7th grade ELAR

Daily Routines for our 7th Grade Reading/English (ELAR) classroom- (We will be reading, writing, making connections, listening, and speaking EVERYDAY in our class)

The last three years we had a 90-Minute BLOCK in which to follow this format. This year we have 65 minutes each day utilizing an A/B Schedule. We will still follow this format, but it will be adjusted to fit the unique needs of virtual/in-person (and 100% digital) learning during the 2020-2021 school year. 

* Start of Class- Quote/Thought of Day + Quickwrite       
* Book Talk 
* Self-Selected Reading + conferences                           
* Note-booking                                                             
* Mini-Lesson
* Creating
* Sharing
* Get ready for end of class/start of next class

**REQUIRED TO BRING TO CLASS EACH DAY- Self-Selected Book for Independent Reading time Pencil/Pens (blue/black ink only) Notebook paper