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What to Expect in 6th grade ELAR

Daily Routines for our 6th Grade Reading/English (ELAR) classroom- (We will be reading, writing, making connections, listening, and speaking EVERYDAY in our class)

Start of Class- Quote/Thought of Day + Quickwrite                                                     5 Minutes

Book Talk (Short 3 minute sales pitch: Hook, short summary, paragraph)               3-5 Minutes

Self-Selected Reading + conferences                                                                          20 Minutes

Note-booking/Response writing                                                                                10 Minutes

Study/Mini-Lesson/Creating (with conferences)                                                       40 Minutes

End of class-Sharing (pick 2-3 people to share a sentence/paragraph)                       5 Minutes

Pack up/Clean up                                                                                                          2 Minutes

**REQUIRED TO BRING TO CLASS EACH DAY- Self-Selected Book for Independent Reading time Pencil/Pens (blue/black ink only) Notebook paper