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Enrichment Clubs and Open Gym

At Colonial Hills, we offer enrichment clubs for every grade level once every six-day rotation starting Sept. 9th from 7:45-8:30 am.  The calendar is below.  
These are the enrichment clubs offered: 
Coach Beck - Garden and outdoor sports ( location: garden area and outdoor area) 
Mr. Kingsbury - Music Making(Instrumental group) preparing for PTA Meetings, Talent Shows, etc. (location: Music rooms) 
Ms. Allen - Cosmic Yoga/Mindfulness/SEL (location: Library) 
Ms. L. Diaz - Gaga Ball (location: Gaga Pit at Corral)
Ms. S. Diaz Science Safari (location: Makers Space room 30)
Coach Macko - Healthy Living - (location - gym)