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Phase In Plans for Choir

I promised to update you when I had more information, and at this time I finally do! Here are the changes that will be happening with our choir classes as we begin phasing in students to campus next week. These will stay in effect through October 5th, unless otherwise communicated with you and your children.

- No in-person singing, rehearsals, or performances will happen yet. Digital performance opportunities will be announced soon!

- The types of instructional activities will be based on how many students in each class are at home or at school.
* If majority of students in that class are at home, we will continue as much as possible with singing activities. However, students at school will only be allowed to show Solfege hand signs, hand motions, tap rhythms, and sing in their heads. They may NOT sing out loud at school.
* If majority of students in that class are at school, we will focus on more tech-based lessons concerning music theory, music history, listening assignments, silent study/practice of choral skills, and individual learning of repertoire.

- We will hold virtual rehearsals for each choir 1-2 times a week during flex time. A rehearsal schedule will go out soon. The schedule will be coordinated with the athletic directors (and all other programs and activities the student is involved in).
* Students may only sing at these rehearsals from home, NOT from school. There will be no adult at school to ensure each student can sing safely while following the recommended guidelines. Students at school are welcome to view the virtual rehearsals without singing. My goal is to have the rehearsals a little later in the afternoon, so students have more time to get home and hop on Zoom.

I am more than happy to provide you with more information on the reasons for these changes. Please email me if you have any questions or concerns. Your children have already been doing amazing things every day in class! I hope you have enjoyed getting to hear them sing!