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Artists in Action

MacTEACH students with their art up for auction at the event

The MacArthur High School library set the scene for "Artists in Action.” This event gave MacTEACH students the opportunity to advocate for people suffering, here and abroad, through research presentations, music and the visual arts.

Artists in Action began with students providing presentations concerning issues related to the genocide in Myanmar, veterans dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), youth mental health, battered women and children and homelessness.

"Seeing my MacTEACH students take what they're already doing for each of these areas to yet another level is something special," said MacTEACH founder and MacArthur English teacher Steve Davidson. "Perhaps, though, our NEISD board trustee Sandy Hughey summed it up best when she, at the conclusion of a presentation, told the hundreds in attendance that the remarkable work these students are doing needs to be shared by all and everywhere so more people might realize what great things are happening in our schools and everything that is accomplished."

The presentations were followed by a silent auction of student artwork depicting each of the areas of concern. The auction doubled as a fundraiser that raised an incredible $4,070 for future MacTEACH advocacy efforts.

A MacTEACH student holds her self portrait A guest bids on a piece of art at the auction


Posted by Lila Stanley
Posted on 4-4-22