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Rey Feo and his royal court visit Northern Hills

Rey Feo visits Northern Hills Elementary School 2022Rey Feo and his royal court visited Northern Hills Elementary School to encourage students to power their mind, always be kind and Viva Fiesta! 

Northern Hills was the 50th school visit for Rey Feo Augie Cortez. He’s the 73rd Rey Feo in Fiesta history so his goal is to visit 73 campuses across San Antonio. 

Each year, Rey Feo and his court visit nursing homes, hospitals, orphanages, and elementary schools to encourage thousands of young people to stay in school, respect their teachers and parents, be good citizens and pursue a higher education.

Rey Feo presented Principal Marisa Wulfsberg with a special plaque commemorating their visit and donated a book for students to read in the library. A few students also received medals for their exemplary school spirit, behavior and kindness.

Posted by Lila Stanley
Posted on 3-3-22