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Our Week in a Glance

Week of November 18, 2019

Monday          Counselor Visit

Tuesday         Finish Religions book

Wednesday    Book Check

Thursday        Writing Sample

Friday             Video and puzzle

Homework:  None    

Have a safe & happy Thanksgiving break!  I am thankful for our Driscoll families!!!


Week of November 11, 2019

Monday          Quiz on Culture

Tuesday         Intro to Religions (notes and reading)

Wednesday    ?'s over reading

Thursday        Create Religions Book 

Friday             Work on book

Homework:  None


Week of November 4, 2019

Monday          Notes on Culture

Tuesday         1. video 2. project pre-plan

Wednesday    Culture Doll

Thursday        Culture Doll 

Friday             Presentations

Homework:  Students will be asking questions about their family/culture this week.  The "doll" and paragraph is due on Friday.


Week of October 28

Monday          Study Guide

Tuesday         Jeopardy Review

Wednesday    Test over Economic Systems

Thursday         Chart progress   

Friday              Interventions/Extensions      

Homework:  Finish study guide on Monday and study the guide on Tuesday.  


Week of October 21

Monday          Comic Strip - Types of Economies

Tuesday          4 Factors of Production

Wednesday     Comparing Economies (groups)

Thursday         Comparing Economies (groups)      

Friday               Less Developed vs More Developed cut and paste activity       

Homework:  None


Week of October 14

Monday          Holiday

Tuesday          Intro to Economics

Wednesday     Vocabulary *sub*

Thursday         Reading & notes

Friday              Finish notes

Homework:  None


Week of October 7

Monday    Kahoot and     Demographics Project Rubric

Tuesday     Demographics Project (research and color charts)   

Wednesday    Demographics Project (research and color charts)

Thursday Project due at end of period       

Friday              Presentations/ Compare countries

Homework: None

*Special Note- This project will be counted as a test grade.


Week of September 30

Monday          Intro to Demographics

Tuesday          Vocabulary

Wednesday     Writing Sample

Thursday         Quizlet

Friday              Quiz

Homework:  Study 10 vocabulary words (demographics) on Thursday.


Week of September 23

Monday          Study Guide

Tuesday           Review

Wednesday      Unit Test

Thursday          Chart Progress

Friday              Interventions & Extensions

Homework:  On Monday, finish study guide at home using vocabulary and graded papers.  On Tuesday, study your review sheet for test.


Week of September 16

Monday          Counselor Visit

Tuesday           1. Physical and Cultural Regions 

                         2.  Writing Sample

Wednesday      Forces that Shape the Earth

Thursday         Cause/Effect  The Water Cycle

Friday              Our Changing Earth (adaptations to environment)


Week of September 9th

Monday       Quiz           *sub*

Tuesday      Regions ?'s  *sub*

Wednesday  BINGO

Thursday     Types of Maps

Friday         Dragon Activity

Special Note:  Open House is Tuesday evening!  Hope to see you there!!!


Week of September 3rd

Monday  Holiday

Tuesday  1.Landforms video  2. Earth Processes vocabulary (land or water)

Wednesday  Landforms & Bodies of water images

Thursday Absolute vs. Relative Location

Friday Latitude & Longitude

Homework:  Study vocabulary for quiz on Monday.


Week of August 26

Monday  Finish World Map

Tuesday  1.Initial Skills Assessment  2. Start vocabulary

Wednesday Finish vocabulary

Thursday Tool Kit Stations (groups)

Friday Tool Kit Stations


Week of August 19

Monday   Registration and Driscoll procedures

Tuesday  Getting to Know You activities and classroom routines/procedures

Wednesday  Review procedures and classroom expectations  

Thursday  1. T shirt design  2. Practice answering the Essential Question 3. Scavenger Hunt 

Friday  1. Introduce geography vocabulary 2. Begin map assignment