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Driscoll Band Expectations

  1. Band Students are expected to represent themselves as a team!
  2. Band Students are expected to be respectful of themselves, their peers, and all adults at all times in and out of the band hall.
  3. Band Students are expected to work hard both in and out of the band hall - rehearsing at a high level, completing assigned work, and passing all
  4. Band Students are expected to show above average behavior, attitude, and effort in all things.
  5. Band Students are expected to have pride in what we do and where we do it. This includes all activities off campus. Band students who do not meet our expectations may be sent back to school or home, or may be subject to expulsion form the band program.


To have a successful rehearsal: come in the room with a positive professional attitude, your instrument, a pencil, required supplies, and your band binder/book with music in it.

Band Grades are determined by the following:

Participation                              40%                 

            Tests                                        40%                                         

            Performances                           20%                                         


To make up a grade: make an appointment with your band director for a pass-off.

If you are absent: follow appropriate school procedures for getting a purple slip and talk to your section leader/band director about what you missed. An absence from a performance will result in a zero, unless band directors have been given appropriate prior notice.

 To be eligible to attend any band events: you must have above average school behavior and be passing all of your classes. (Events may include UIL Contest, Out-of-town Trips, Social Events, and Field Trips)

Making an excellent grade in band requires daily participation, turning in weekly assignments on time, mastery of music and scales, producing a characteristic tone, and most importantly, attendance at all required rehearsals and performances. More specific grading policies can be found on the teacher websites of Mr. Gonzalez and Mrs. Aicher.