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Classroom Expectations:

Be prepared. Bring all supplies and assignments to class each day and be ready to work hard.

Be respectful. Students will be respectful of others, other people’s belongings, and our classroom.

I expect all students to adhere to Bradley school rules. Please refer to the NEISD handbook.

Classroom Procedures:

Students need to be in their seats when the bell rings. Visits to the bathroom and water fountain should be made before class.

Required Materials:

  • Wide-ruled paper (no college rule)
  • Pens (blue or black, no gel pens)
  • Pencils
  • One composition notebook (to be kept in class as a part of our writer’s notebook)
  • Binder/notebook (can be combined with other classes)
  • Tissues are always appreciated

Textbooks: Class sets are kept in the classroom.

Grading Information:

                      Daily Grades                               35%                 
                      Quizzes**                                   25%                 
                      Projects, Essays, Tests**             40%                 

  Late Work Policy: All work submitted beyond the due date will receive a 20% deduction. Late work will be accepted for up to three weeks or until the information  is accessed, whichever happens first.

**Classwork and homework cannot be corrected for a higher grade, but quizzes and tests may be. If a students earns lower than a 70% on a quiz or test and wants to improve his or her grade, he or she needs to study the material and come to tutoring (or arrange an alternate time with me) to RE-TAKE the quiz or test. I reserve the right to give a different version of the quiz or test covering the same information. Students will NOT be allowed to merely change the answers on the first test or quiz to improve the grade. The original grade and the re-take grade will be averaged to create a new score to be recorded for that assessment. There will be no third chances.


Personal electronics may be used in class for educational purposes only.