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MATERIALS NEEDED:                                    

Pens (blue or black only, no gel pens or colors)
Pencils - wooden or mechanical
Wide ruled notebook paper

Binder or notebook - can be section in larger notebook used for other classes, section designated for English
1 Composition notebook (with 100 pages, if possible) - cardboard covers (NO vinyl) work best  
BOOK - one you are reading for enjoyment, comes to class EVERY DAY
Good attitude
Tissues are GREATLY appreciated

       The rest of these supplies are optional. I provide classroom supplies when we need them, but students are certainly allowed to use their own if they prefer. 

scissors and glue/glue sticks

markers and/or colored pencils
sticky notes/post it notes - to be used for annotating, 3x3 works well (optional)
Post it flags (optional)
Highlighter - your choice of color(s)