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"The dream was to get back to Madison.”

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April 3-7 is National Assistant Principal Week, and it is a great reminder of all the contributions Assistant Principals make to our campuses.

When you walk into the foyer of Madison High School, there are pictures of the Administration Team --the principal and assistant principals who are there to help students reach their goals. There are also dozens of pictures of students from years past. If you look closely at the picture of the class of 1997, you’ll find a younger version of Assistant Principal Joshua Villarreal. 

“It’s exciting I get to see my picture in the foyer as a student and an administrator,” said Villarreal. “What I love about Madison is a lot of our students, their parents, went here. I see a lot of students that I went to school with their parents. It’s exciting to see that former students have that much pride in this place to stay here and keep their kids coming through here. The dream was to get back to Madison.”

Now Villarreal is living his dream. He returned to Madison a few years ago to teach photography and animation. In 2021, he became an Assistant Principal at his alma mater.

“Two years in, I can say I have made connections with students I might not have by being a classroom teacher,” said Villarreal. “I get to see students push through the obstacles that put them in my office in the first place. I just want the students to focus on the things that can help them reach their goals. Even though people may not like getting sent to my office, I am always looking out for their best interest and the best interest of the campus. That said, the ones who end up in here usually end up appreciating us the most.”

Josh Villarreal is getting to make an impact on the campus and community that had such an impact on his life.

Thank you to all of the NEISD Assistant Principals who work so hard to provide support, resources and guidance to our students, teachers, parents and community.

Evan Henson
posted on: 04/06/2023