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Referral for Services

Parents, teachers, counselors, or administrative personnel may refer a student for GT services.  Not all students who are referred for testing may qualify for services.  To qualify, students must demonstrate an academic need for enrichment and must score in the top 5% tile on the majority of nationally normed testing administered.

Referrals for testing are accepted during the following periods:



Referral Period

Testing Period

Service Begins


Prior to January 1 of the student’s Kindergarten year

January and February

Begin prior to March 1


Forms are due back to Mrs. Balbert by September 13, 2019

During the first five weeks of school

Beginning of October


Forms are due back to Mrs. Balbert by September 13, 2019

Forms are due back to Mrs. Balbert by SEPTEMBER 6, 2029 FOR 3-5

During the first four weeks of school

End of September


Prior to February 1 for current 5th graders testing for 6th grade GT courses

February and March

First day of school the following year


Prior to April 1 for consideration for the following school year

April and May

First day of school the following year

Transfer Students

Testing occurs as soon as possible after enrollment during the school year.

As needed for students previously enrolled in a GT program in another district

As soon as identification is complete

Current NEISD students not referred by the deadlines above will be asked to wait for the next year’s referral period.

Testing FAQs

Who is a good candidate for GT testing?

The GT program in NEISD is designed to meet the educational, social, and emotional needs of students performing 2-5 years above grade level academically.  If you have questions about the decision to refer your child, please contact his or her campus GT teacher at the elementary level or counselor at the secondary level.  Your child’s classroom teacher may also be a good resource for information about how your child is performing in class and whether or not a GT placement might benefit your child at this time.

How do I refer my child for GT testing?

Please contact Mrs. Balbert at  or your student's classroom teacher to refer your child for GT testing. Some tesrting is valid for up to two yesrs so students referred for tessting may not be a candidate at this time.

What kind of testing will be administered?

  • Nationally normed achievement tests which compare students in the same grade in content specific skills: Reading, Written Expression, and/or Math
  • Nationally normed ability testing which compares students of the same age in verbal, quantitative, and nonverbal reasoning

Are STAAR scores used in determining placement?

Although STAAR scores may be included in anecdotal evidence, the state test is not an appropriate measurement for GT identification.  STAAR is a criterion-referenced test designed to assess the degree to which the state’s curriculum has been mastered by a student.  STAAR does not assess knowledge and skills which are considered above grade level.  

Are grades considered in determining placement?

Grades can be considered by the placement committee, however high grades do not guarantee a student’s placement nor do low grades eliminate a student from consideration.  Grades are a measure of how well a student is performing on grade level tasks and may or may not indicate a student’s giftedness.

Who will determine if my child qualifies for gifted services?

A committee of at least three district personnel who have been trained in the nature, needs and identification of gifted students will determine placement of each child.  This committee could include the GT teacher, counselor, administrator, GT Instructional Specialist, GT coordinator, or other trained district personnel.

Once my child qualifies for GT, does he or she have to be tested again?

NEISD has two levels of GT programming, a K-5 program which ends at the end of fifth grade, and a secondary program which may include Math, English, and elective options.  Once a child qualifies for a specific level, he or she remains in the GT program until the end of that level but will need to retest for the next level of the program.  For example, a 3rd grade student who qualifies in the beginning of third grade will remain in the GT K-5 program until the end of fifth grade without further testing, but will be reassessed for continuation in the secondary program.

If my child does not qualify this year, can he or she be reassessed?

Students may be assessed once each school year.  However, nationally normed testing data is valid for up to two years.  This means that some scores earned in a previous grade may be used in determining placement the following year.

If my child does not qualify for services and I have questions, who should I ask?

Please contact Mrs. Balbert for any questions, concerns, or information on testing. All reconsideration requests must be made within 10 days of receipt of student assessment notification.