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Joseph Trevino

I am retired from a great career in concert production following a back injury.  I was born in San Antonio and raised in Philadelphia, PA as a military dependent.

I have two daughters one age 17 who is a senior at Robert E. Lee High School and a seventh grader age 13 who attends Jackson Middle School.

I have been a parent in the NEISD since 2005 when my oldest daughter attended El Dorado Elementary then went to Colonial Hills Elementary in 2007.  She then attended Jackson Middle School and  now will be graduating in June of 2018 from Robert E. Lee High School.

My youngest daughter who attended Colonial Hills Elementary in 2010 then moved to Jackson Middle School in 2016 and is now a seventh grader and an excellent student.

I started my journey in PTA in 2010 by volunteering and being a watchdog on campus.  I then moved into an officer position in 2014 where I assumed the position of first vice-president that I held for one year.  At the end of my second year, my youngest daughter was promoted to the 7th grade in 2016.  I was approached by the out-going president and told that they had no one to assume the position of President of Colonial Hills Elementary PTA.  I felt the school meant so much to me and my family that I had to stay to help and give back to those who did so much for me and my family.

Even though I had no children attending Colonial Hills Elementary I knew being a positive role model I could help make a difference.

In 2016, I attended a summer leadership training program in San Antonio where I met our current NEISD Council of PTAs President Mrs. Jennifer Easley.  We came up with the idea of expanding Texas PTA with a new mission of Back the Future and bring it to our district in the form of a district-wide health fair to bring health and wellness to our school District and Community.  In October 2016, I assumed the position of Back the Future Committee chair for NEISD Council of PTAs.  A position that was an honor to accept.

It is my greatest honor being able to continue to serve the NEISD community to which I consider my family.  And, to which I will continue to serve as the District 3 representative appointed in October 2017.

I wish to thank my lovely wife, Misty Trevino, who has always supported my many endeavors these past 18 years.

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