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Energy Management

Craig McDowell

 Energy Management Coordinator


 Phone: 210-356-9339

  HVAC start stop times

  After hours HVAC - lighting request

  Utility Reports

 The Energy Management Program includes the following elements:

  1. Utility Cost Monitoring and Evaluation
    • Manage utility budget of $15 million per year.
    • Review and approve monthly utility bills.
    • Prepare utility cost and budget reports for District Administration.
  2. Campus Energy Awareness
  3. Energy Efficiency Improvement
    • Evaluate campus energy systems for upgrade and retro-fit projects
    • Utilize CPS Energy's Commercial Energy Efficiency programs
    • Rebate payments received through 2018:
        $68,433 for HVAC efficiency upgrade projects 
        $467,530 for Lighting retro-fit projects
        $21,765 for Refrigeration retro-fit projects
        $186,708 for Demand Response load curtailments 
  4. Water Conservation Practices
    • Evaluate ways to reduce water consumption with water saving equipment and practices.
    • Monitor compliance with water use restrictions year-round and during drought critical periods.
    • Support the IQ Central Control system to manage, schedule and monitor campus irrigation systems.
  5. Refuse and Recycling Collection Services