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 National School Nurses day, May 9, 2018


Board presentation:

Good evening Madam President, Board members, Dr. Gottardy, Executive Staff, and guests.

I am excited and proud to be here tonight to request a resolution recognizing May 9, 2018, as National School Nurses Day. I would like to share some information about these amazing, hardworking professional nurses.

The school nurses play a very important role in the educational process, as well as promoting health and wellness in students and the community. School nurses focus on early detection and correction of health problems. During the 2017-2018 school year alone, NEISD school nurses have performed vision and hearing screenings on over 23,000 students, referring those students who have difficulty seeing or hearing to ensure they are getting as much from their educational experience as possible. They have conducted Acanthosis Nigricans screenings on nearly 20,000 students to identify those at risk for developing Type 2 Diabetes. 

NEISD school nurses are specially prepared and qualified in order to practice preventive health measures, assess health, and handle referral procedures. A Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing is a requirement for all campus school nurses in NEISD, a standard higher than any other school district in San Antonio. Our nurses have expertly delivered care during the 490,898 clinic visits that have taken place this year. As a result of those clinic visits, they have made 118,854 parent phone calls to notify of conditions, confer about possible solutions and to offer guidance and education.

Another central responsibility of the school nurse is that of health educator to children and families, and liaison between schools, students, and community resources. Health Services partners closely with many community organizations to improve health and wellness, including the American Heart Association, the American Dental Association, and San Antonio Metropolitan Health District. 

To highlight our relationship with the American Heart Association, you are being presented a Fiesta Medal, which will show off our commitment to making NEISD a heart healthy district and San Antonio a heart healthy city.

I hope to see an increase in the public awareness of professional registered nurses managing and providing school health services, and the contributions school nurses make toward the future of NEISD children. Healthy children learn better.


Board Proclamation



Additionally, May 9th marked a day of awareness in San Antonio for the most common chronic disease among school-aged children. Councilwoman Ana Sandoval presented a proclamation from the city recognizing Asthma /Allergy Month for the City of San Antonio signed by Mayor Nirenberg proclaiming May 2018 to be Asthma & Allergy Awareness Month.  Children with uncontrolled asthma is an issue that impacts everyone.  It is only fitting that this proclamation be presented on School Nurses day!  Ms. Sandoval specifically shouted out and recognized all the efforts NEISD school nurses do for students with asthma!   

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