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CSLB Governing Committee


The governing committee, which will audit CSLB usage and hear all appeals regarding the CSLB, shall be called the North East Independent School District Catastrophic Sick Leave Bank Board of Directors.

Members of the CSLB who have been employed by the District for at least three consecutive years, at the time of election, may serve on the Board of Directors. Membership of the Board of Directors shall be composed of:

Voting Members - elected by the members of the CSLB

Two representatives from elementary schools

• Two representatives from middle schools

• Two representatives from high schools

• One representative from administrative and instructional support

• One representative from School Nutrition Services

• One representative from maintenance personnel

• One representative from administration (central office or campus level)

• One representative from transportation personnel

• One representative from police, media, data processing, M.I.S, network services, document management and print services

Non-Voting Members

• Employee Benefits Specialist or designee shall serve as Executive Officer.

• The Board of Directors may elect a Chairman of the Board with non-voting status. If the board desires to exercise this option, the Chairman shall be an administrative staff member assigned to the central administrative complex.


Term Length

A member of the Board of Directors shall, following the first year of the Board’s operation, serve for two years beginning August 1 and ending July 31. A member, if re-elected, may serve a maximum of two consecutive terms.


Term Expiration

Terms expiring odd number years

• One elementary school representative

• One middle school representative

• One high school representative

• Maintenance representative

• Paraprofessional representative

• Police, Media, Data Processing, M.I.S, Network Services, Document Management and Print Services representative

Terms expiring even numbered years

• One elementary school representative

• One middle school representative

• One high school representative

• Administrative representative

• Transportation representative

• School Nutrition Services representative

Resident/itinerant professional personnel (counselors, librarians, teachers, nurses, special ed. coordinators, etc.) will be eligible as representatives per their home school assignments.

Professional personnel, such as consultants, supervisors, diagnosticians, directors, principals, assistant principals, etc., will be eligible to vote and/or elected in the administrative group.



Elections will be held annually and completed by the end of the school year. Only members of the CSLB are eligible to vote. Members of each group named above may file as candidates from their group. A nomination form will be provided.

Voting will be by ballot. Ballots will be distributed electronically and returned to the Employee Benefits Office. The Executive Officer or designee will calculate the ballots. The results are presented to the CSLB Board of Directors for certification.


Duties and Responsibilities of the Board of Directors

At the first meeting of the year for the newly elected Board members, the Board shall select from the group a chairperson, vice chairperson, and secretary. Also at the first meeting, the Board of Directors will review the annual audit of the CSLB usage.

A member may appeal the decision of the CSLB Executive Officer by writing a letter to the Executive Officer and/or requesting to appear in person before the Board of Directors.

After an appeal to the CSLB Board of Directors, the member will be eligible to appeal through the District’s grievance procedures DGBA (Local).

Vacancies on the Board of Directors that may arise during the school year will be filled by appointment by the Board of Directors. The selection will be made from the group which was represented by the member who resigned. The appointee will serve through the remainder of the original member’s term if there is less than one year remaining. In the event one year or more remains, the position will be then refilled for the balance of the original unexpired term by regular election procedures during the annual balloting period.

The Employee Benefits Specialist or designee shall serve as the Executive Officer of the Board of Directors and process all approved sick leave days for members to the Payroll department. 


Evaluation and Assessment

An annual review of the program will be made by the Employee Benefits office. Notification of the changes will be made to the membership at the beginning of each school year the changes would be effective.



Any questions regarding the CSLB should be directed to the Employee Benefits office.