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Important Resources

CSLB Handbook (pdf)

2021 CSLB Bulletin (pdf)


Approval Criteria

CSLB approved awards must meet all of the following eligibility criteria:

• Employee must be a member of the CSLB.

• Employee must make a three-day donation.

• The three-day donation must have been earned in accordance with leave guidelines.

• Employee must exhaust all accrued leave time available.

• Employee must be absent for five consecutive workdays.


Employee must also have one of the following listed eligibility criteria:

• Inpatient facility admission (room and board charges are required)

• Cancer with chemo therapy or radiation treatments

• High risk pregnancy with required bedrest

• Hospice admission

• Serious mental illness

o As defined by the Texas Insurance code sec. 1355.001



The following is a list of exclusions that will not be approved for CSLB:

• Normal pregnancy

• Outpatient Admission

• Ambulatory Surgical Care Admission

• Observation Admission

• Emergency room admission without inpatient hospital admission

• Routine office care

• Elective cosmetic surgery

• Workers’ compensation claims

• Any other condition not meeting the above listed eligibility criteria.


Days may be granted from the CSLB only after the member has exhausted all accumulated state and local leave days. Employees that receive vacation days must also exhaust all those days. Sick leave days from the CSLB are those days granted to a member who, through a catastrophic illness or injury, is unable to perform the duties of his/her position. The CSLB does not cover all sick absences that an employee is unable to work as prescribed by a physician.

The CSLB is neither a replacement for nor equivalent with disability income replacement insurance. Disability income replacement insurance provides income replacement benefits when an employee is unable to work as prescribed by a doctor. The eligibility criteria for disability insurance is less restrictive and more conditions are covered. NEISD offers disability insurance to benefit eligible employees as a new hire and also during annual open enrollment.



Any questions regarding the CSLB should be directed to the Employee Benefits office.