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Applying for CSLB days and Forms


Granting of Sick Leave Days from the CSLB

Sick leave days from the CSLB are granted only after the member has exhausted all accumulated state and local leave days. Employees that receive vacation days must also exhaust all those days. Members may only receive days from the CSLB after they have worked enough days to earn their three-day donation.

Conditions known to exist by the employee that have been diagnosed or treated in the six-month period prior to enrollment in the CSLB, will not be covered under the provisions of the CSLB until 90 days following the enrollment date.

Days from the CSLB shall be granted only for catastrophic illness or injury, which necessitates an absence from work for five consecutive days or longer. The CSLB does not cover all sick absences that an employee is unable to work as prescribed by a physician. CSLB days shall be granted only for absences for working days and will not be granted for holidays, vacation days or other such days for which the member is not scheduled to work.

The CSLB will grant up to three days for bereavement due to the death of a member’s spouse, child, parent or parent-in-law.

The maximum number of CSLB days that may be granted to an employee during the year (August 1 through July 31) will be 45 days. If a member who has received less than 45 days from the CSLB returns to work and then is ill again with the same or different illness, he/she may re-apply to the CSLB for any additional days available, not to exceed 45 days per plan year. Each separate illness applied for must meet the CSLB criteria.

Approval of all sick leave days will be granted by the Employee Benefits office. The CSLB Board of Directors will audit CSLB usage and hear all appeals regarding CSLB denials. The District will reimburse the member in a regular payroll check, based on the actual days docked that are within the maximum number of days allowed by the CSLB. If approved, the CSLB days will be paid on the next available paycheck.

All unused sick leave days in the CSLB at the end of the plan year (July 31) shall be carried over to the next plan year (August 1 through July 31) if the employee is still on a leave of absence.

A contributor will lose the right to utilize the benefits of the CSLB by:

• Separation of employment from the North East Independent School District;

• cancellation of participation by the member in writing at any time;

• any illness or injury occurring while on an approved leave of absence.


Use of CSLB for Immediate Family

The CSLB may be used to provide additional sick leave days for members whose immediate family has suffered catastrophic illness or injury.

Immediate family shall include and be limited to the member’s parent(s), spouse, and any children. Children include:

The employee’s child under age 26.

• Children may remain covered after age 26 if they are physically or mentally handicapped and primarily dependent on the employee for support and maintenance.

Child means a natural child, a stepchild, an adopted child, a foster child, regardless of presence or absence of a child’s financial dependency, residency, student status, employment status, marital status, eligibility for other coverage or any combination of those factors.

To apply for sick leave days the member must follow the same procedures as set forth in illness for the employee. The use and issuing of sick leave days will also be applied to the illness or injury of the family member. The maximum number of days that may be granted to an employee for the illness or injury of a family member is 15 days per occurrence.


Applying for CSLB Days

A member may request days from the CSLB by submitting required forms no later than 30 work days after returning to duty.

Forms include:

• A completed and signed Member’s Statement 

• A completed and signed Physician’s Statement 

The forms are also available in the Employee Benefits office.

If a member is critically ill and unable to file an application for sick leave days from the CSLB, the school principal, immediate supervisor, or department head may initiate the application form at the request of the member or someone in the member’s family. When a member is applying for days for an eligible family member, additional documentation may be required to verify the relationship, i.e., birth certificate; baptismal record; hospital birth record.

When a member is applying for bereavement days, they must submit to the Employee Benefits office, no later than 30 work days after returning to work, the Member’s Statement and notice of the death or obituary indicating relationship.



Any questions regarding the CSLB should be directed to the Employee Benefits office.