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Life skills are part of the curriculum at NEISD

Many of us remember taking some form of home economics in school. While the core skills have evolved over time, they’re still very much alive and well at Tejeda Middle School. Lana Harrison teaches students many of the basics in her Principles of Human Services and Principles of Hospitality and Tourism classes.

“When you grow up and you enter adulthood it’s all new for you so this is kind of a way for us to practice,” said eighth-grader Zermin Khetani. “When you come in this class, you learn about stuff you’ll need in the future like child development, healthy eating or cooking.”

While hands-on experiences with cooking, personal care, time management and communication are all important skills, Khetani says teachers like Harrison make her excited to come to class every day.

“She’s absolutely amazing,” said Khetani. “You want to get a teacher like her because she teaches everything perfectly. She really cares about us.”

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Life skills are part of the curriculum at NEISD 1  Life skills are part of the curriculum at NEISD 2

Posted by Lila Stanley
Posted on 2-18-20