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Huebner has the perfect recipe for reading success

Teacher showing pizza plan

Huebner Elementary School Librarian Natalie Watts transformed their library into a pizzeria.

Wearing a chef’s hat and apron, Watts greeted her students like a hostess at a restaurant and took them to their tables.

Red and white tablecloths topped each table.

Dozens of pizza boxes filled a separate table.

Books filled those pizza boxes.

And laughter and excitement filled the library.

The students were charged with figuring out what type of books they were given.

Were they sci-fi?

Historical fiction?

Action and adventure?

Their books determined what toppings went on their pizza.

“We are focused on identifying genres using actual books,” said Watts. “They are reading the blurbs, reading the inside covers to see what genre we think it is. Then the students assemble a pizza with the correct toppings they selected.”

Non-fiction books meant controversial ingredient pineapple needed to be added to their pizza.

Poetry called for bell peppers.

Scary books meant onions were going on their pies.

“Engagement is high. Normally, when we start talking genre, you start getting the glazed-over look in their eyes,” said Watts. “But this time, they are really exploring. It’s hands-on with actual books, not just a description. I have even had kids after the activity want to check out books they hadn’t seen before.”

It was an innovative and hands-on lesson that really got the kids excited.

When they got stumped, they worked even harder to get the correct answer so they could show off their expertly-topped and laminated pizzas.

Natalie Watt is getting kids excited about learning #theNEISDway

student focused on planning

teacher pointing things out

students smiling 

Posted by: Evan Henson
posted on: 10/05/2021