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Bagels with Bloomer offers a chance for Churchill High School to partner with parents.

Bagels with bloomer with bagels

On the first Friday of the new school year, Churchill High School Principal Todd Bloomer invited parents into the school to get to know him over bagels and coffee. More than 50 parents showed up to learn about Bloomer and ask him questions about the new school year. 

“It’s a great opportunity to get to know Mr. Bloomer,” said Churchill parent Christina Thetford. “He’s one of the most active principals I have ever known. I always feel so welcome here.”

Bloomer with parents Bloomer taking selfie with parents Churchill PTA

Bloomer covered everything from PTA to lunch options to the new vaping law. Parents also had an opportunity to ask questions in a group or one-on-one. They shared thoughts, concerns and laughs. But more importantly, they shared how they can work together to help their students have a successful school year. 

“I tell parents, ‘High school is the time for parents to get involved more than ever,’” said Bloomer. “There is a triangle of success that a school needs. We need input from students. We need input from teachers. And we need input from parents. If all three of those are functioning at a high level—if the parents and students and teacher have a chance to have their voices heard—we will be successful.”

Working together #theNEISDway

Evan Henson
posted on: 08/18/2023