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Rules & Conventions

Rules & Conventions

Music Class Rules:

  1. Choose a Good Attitude
  2. Follow Directions Logically*
  3. Be Courteous

*Any direction given should be adhered to until a contrary one is given. Some directions last for just moments, and others last for months at a time!


Music Class Conventions:

(A convention is something that everybody just does because that's how it works best.)
● Choose a pleasant tone of voice
● Everybody participates musically
● Always stay alert and attentive
● No touching instruments without permission
● No fingers or feet underneath the carpet/mats
● No crashing, bumping, pushing, or falling down


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"You've got to be "Q.A.R." if you plan to go far!"

Q = Quiet & Under Control

A = Alert to what is happening (and should be happening) around you

R = Responsive to teacher instructions and expectations