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College Entrance Exams and Prep Resources

College is in your future. A college entrance exam is a standardized aptitude/achievement test. The two college exams accepted by most colleges and universities are the ACT and the SAT.

ACT and SAT dates administered on NEISD campuses

ACT Exam

Register for the ACT

SAT Exam

Register for the SAT

Advanced Placement (AP)

View AP exam dates

Equivalent College Courses AP scores

View what AP scores count as equivalent courses at your university

 Practice Resources for College Exams

ACT Academy

Review and practice for the ACT

Khan Academy

Review and practice for the PSAT and SAT

SAT Practice on Khan Academy from 5 peers

 A student-created video featuring 5 success stories

 Using Your PSAT 8/9 Scores to Prepare for College

Review and practice for the PSAT

Daily Practice for the New SAT

Review and practice for the SAT

ACT Test Preparation

Review and practice for the ACT


Practice and review for AP, ACT, PSAT, SAT & TSI exams

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TSI Tests

Why take the TSIA?  Click here.

Register for the TSIA through your Campus Counseling Office.  You are required to complete a PAA (Pre-Assessment Activity) prior to taking the TSIA.  Read the following:

PAA #1

TSI Prep and Review in the following areas:

Shmoop - Click on Shmoop icon in NEISD Launchpad to begin TSIA Prep

TSIA2/Accuplacer Practice - click here

Once you have taken the TSIA2 and still need more practice, click here for individualized practice