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Pre-K Curriculum

The North East ISD Prekindergarten program is based on the Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines (pdf).

"The guidelines are based on current knowledge of theory and scientific research about how children develop and learn; they reflect the growing consensus among early childhood professional organizations that a great emphasis be placed on young children's conceptual learning, acquisition of basic skills, and participation in meaningful, relevant learning experiences." (Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines, 2015, p.4).

The guidelines describe specific learning outcomes for children in the following areas:

I. Social Emotional

II. Language and Communication

III. Emergent Literacy Reading

IV. Emergent Literacy Writing

V. Mathematics

VI. Science

VII. Social Studies

VIII. Fine Arts

IX. Physical Development

X. Technology

NEISD Prekindergarten Adopted Curriculum: SAVVAS Three Cheers for PreK/ Uno,dos, tres ¡PreKínder!