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Getting ready for Pre-K

Prekindergarten is a place where curiosity, discovery, and learning happen everyday through curriculum based play and hands on activities.

In Prekindergarten, we will:

  • Identify our feelings/emotions, care for others, play with our friends, and solve problems (Social/Emotional)
  • Engage in conversations, learn new words, discuss topics with details (Language/Communication)
  • Learn letters/sounds, rhyme words, learn information from books, write our name, and write our ideas (Reading/Writing)
  • Count aloud to 20, count objects, recognize numerals 0-9, create patterns, and learn about shapes (Math)
  • Use our senses and tools to learn about objects and observe and describe motion, energy, plants, animals, and weather (Science)
  • Learn about similarities and differences in our families and roles and relationships in the community (Social Studies)
  • Participate in music, art and drama activities with our friends (Art)
  • Balance on one foot, hop, jump, button, zip, and draw (Physical Development)
  • Use technology to create and express their ideas (Technology Applications)


Tips for Summer Learning

  • Read aloud with your child every day for 15 minutes. Discuss the story or information with your child. Make a list of new words.
  • Encourage your child to write and draw pictures. It’s ok if they are scribbling, they are learning that print has meaning.
  • Count! Count! Count! Count cans in the pantry, grapes in their snack, socks in the laundry basket, or crayons in the box.