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Senior Spotlight: Reagan's Anna Tumanova

Anna leading the bandChange can be fun.

But it can also be scary.

“When we were moving to Texas, I was thinking about all the things I  kind of lost and moving here. Like all my friends and like the scenery. And I was I first kind of sad until I realized that there’s so many more things available for me here and things that could make me so successful in the future.”

Reagan High School senior Anna Tumanova didn’t know what to expect when her family moved to Texas from upstate New York.

She was in middle school.

Her school had about 300 people in it.

Lopez Middle School had nearly one thousand.

Reagan is even bigger.

“Reagan’s huge, but I like how there are so many organizations on the campus, and there’s a bunch of clubs that I haven’t even been able to join. There are just so many opportunities available here.”

Despite the size, Tumanova found her place at Reagan.

She’s involved in Mu Alpha Theta and the National Honors Society.

She plays the flute and is a Drum Major for the marching band.

“All the band directors are amazing. They have 300 kids in the band, and yet they maintain a really close and personal relationship with every single one of those kids because they care about them all tremendously.”

But one of her biggest passions she’s discovered at Reagan has been Latin Club.

“Miss Laura Shaw, the Latin teacher, is really awesome. She is just really great at making the class interesting. She really cares about all of her students individually. And I just love Latin, mostly because of her.”

She’s also made one more discovery during her time at Reagan.

Despite being nearly identical, she and her twin sister are actually pretty different.

“I want to go into science, and she wants to go into humanities. So, we’ve kind of found our own ways throughout high school. Maybe we understand each other better because we’ve come to understand ourselves better.”

So, now as Tumanova prepares to graduate high school, she couldn’t be happier for the life-changing move that was a little scary at first.

“Ultimately, I’m so glad that I went to Reagan High School. I think it’s really cool that kids can be so invested in one activity because that investment that we put into what we’re passionate about, even though we’re in different activities, we can still bond over the fact that we’re passionate about something. That’s really good.”

Anna hasn’t decided on a college just yet.

She has been accepted to the Dean Scholars Program at The University of Texas at Austin, which is very appealing to her because of the research opportunities it has.

She plans on majoring in Physics.

Congratulations Anna! Good luck to you and the rest of the Class of 2022.

Posted by: Evan Henson
posted on: 04/29/2022