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“There’s nobody else that does what we do.”

Nov. 7 -11 is National School Psychology Appreciation Week. 

Our Educational Diagnosticians and Licensed Specialists in School Psychology (LSSP) are a lifeline to our students, parents and teachers. They provide answers, support and direction to our students and families navigating physical, intellectual or academic challenges. 

Wendy Smartt has been the resident LSSP at Tex Hill Middle School since it opened. Her role on campus is as crucial as it is collaborative. She works closely with teachers, counselors, administrators, parents and diagnosticians to serve and support each student. 

Her role is tough to define because it’s so expansive. Primarily, she works to test students who are referred to her to help identify a possible disability, such as ADHD, dyslexia or visual impairment. 

“Usually a referral is team-driven, so whether it’s the teacher, counselor, administrators or parents with concerns, there’s work being done to find out why a child might be struggling,” said Smartt. “It can be a very stressful and emotional process for our parents, so talking about that and helping the parent work through it is a big part of our role. There’s nobody else that does what we do.” 

At the heart of it, Wendy is an advocate who is helping students and parents learn to advocate for themselves amidst a time of great change or personal challenge. She loves building relationships with her students and the parents and teachers who rely on her as a trusted resource and support system. 

“I really enjoy working with kids. Just seeing them smile and wave and laugh is what has kept me wanting to work on a campus. I enjoy that connection with the kids, and I like working with the parents and teachers. I see a side of things here that I couldn’t get in private practice.”

Thank you, Wendy, and all of our LSSP’s and Educational Diagnosticians for making a difference #theNEISDway.

Posted by Lila Stanley
Posted on 11-7-22