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Student Athletic Trainers: From Tape to Touchdowns

Student trainer with head trainer from Johnson high school

Hours before school starts, students are already working hard.


“It’s not easy, but it’s fun.”


Johnson High School junior Natalie Mavromatis shows up to school hours before classes start.

She organizes athletic tape, stocks bandage dispensers and prepares to help other students.

Mavromatis is one of 14 student athletic trainers at Johnson.


“I have learned a lot about anatomy, like in the knee – the ACL, PLC, LCL, MCL,” said Mavromatis. “I know the difference for what needs ice or heat. We get to do the turf tape for the players. It’s a great experience, very educational.”


It’s also pretty cool.

While Mavromatis doesn’t play football, she’s right there on the sidelines and her work to prepare for games doesn’t go unnoticed.


“I really like when they are on the field. I can see my tape. That’s really cool -- that’s my turf tape -- that’s my ankle wrap,” said Mavromatis. “I do our running back’s turf tape. When he does good, it’s like ‘that’s my touchdown’. I did that. I like that a lot. And they always give us credit!”


More than two dozen students pass through the Athletic Training offices before school even starts most days.

Tim “Doc” Moore is the Head Athletic Trainer at Johnson.

He was a football player at Roosevelt High School in the 90s so he knows how important athletic trainers are and he loves his job.


“Where else do you get a front row seat to every game,” said Moore. “I get to spend quality time with all athletes during their practices and games. I get to work closely with them and their parents when they sustain an injury and get them back to playing.”


In his words, Moore gets to do it all, because he gets to work with the athletes and the trainers.

He’s helping keep athletes safe and getting them back on the field and he is also cultivating a passion for athletic training.


“I have looked into it as a career. Doc’s given me a lot of great advice,” said Mavromatis. “I think it would be fun. I like being able to help.”


All 7 NEISD high schools have student athletic trainer programs and incredible facilities to help students heal and get back to the sport they love.


To learn more about the athletic trainer program at Johnson, click here.


Posted by: Evan Henson
posted on: 09/28/2022