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New journey with familiar roots

Abby in the Johnson lobby

This is Abigail Hubbard.

She is one of nearly 550 new North East ISD teachers.

She will be teaching English at Johnson High School.

New Teacher Orientation started on Aug. 1, helping all of these new NEISD teachers get to know each other and find out what to expect as they begin their teaching journey in NEISD.

“I am truly in this for the kids,” said Hubbard. “My first year teaching was during the pandemic – 2020. My job was less about teaching content and more about building relationships. I realized how much of an impact I could have on these kids. They have so many voices fighting against them at times, but I can be a voice that tells them they are smart enough, can do it, and are capable. I love being in the community of those voices telling them they are good enough.”

While this is Hubbard’s first year as a teacher at NEISD, she is no stranger to the District.

She spent the past year working as a substitute teacher and tutor here.

But more than that, NEISD is family.

Her grandfather is Joe Reasons.

He spent 34 years with NEISD as a teacher, coach and administrator.

He even has a building named after him at Churchill High School.

Hubbard’s mother is Amy Reasons-Copes.

She also taught in the District and is currently the Principal at Regency Place Elementary School.

“My family has poured so much into this District, and I have seen this District pour so much into them as well. Even as a sub, I had people pouring into me. I decided I should start pouring back in as well.”

NEISD is still looking for men and women who are passionate about students and education. To find out how you can become a part of the NEISD family, go to

Abby with her family

Abigail (far right) with her family at the dedication of the Joe Reasons Building.

Mom, Amy Reasons-Copes (second from left)

Grandfather, Joe Reasons (third from left)


Posted by: Evan Henson
posted on: 08/01/2022