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Kristen Allen

Kristen Allen with Dr. MaikaWhen the pandemic hit, the District’s Adapted PE team hoped to use Google Classroom to provide services to students. But it just wasn’t user friendly enough for the students requiring extra support.  Kristen, an Adapted PE teacher at Johnson High School, attended a session on Google Sites at a summer conference and quickly realized that this is what the team needed.  Kristen took what she learned and spent the rest of the summer learning how to build virtual interactive gyms. In July, Kristen offered training for all related service staff on how to develop and use Google Sites to create a virtual space.  Kristen designed templates, props and several Google slides so each Adapted PE teacher could input schedules, campus information, rules and procedures and then create a virtual gym tailored to their caseload. This is now the system used across the District. Today, more students are actively participating in Adapted PE virtual learning opportunities thanks to her hard work over the summer.