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North Central Rotary Club

North Central Rotary Club with Dr. MaikaEfrain Gonzalez, Ladd Roberts, Yvonne Solis-Valdez, Phyllis Rumsey, John Chance, Eric Tietze, Christine Tovar
Every year, the North Central Rotary Club has provided 20 families with Thanksgiving dinners and holiday gifts for Jackson-Keller Elementary School. In fact, they do this for all LEE cluster schools. They have also supported the cost associated with Jackson-Keller’s weekend food pack program. These volunteers meet, plan and fundraise to get this accomplished. Even when the school asked for more food packs this year because additional students were in need, they did not hesitate to increase their donation. Thanks to their generosity, these families don’t have to worry about how they’ll come up with the extra money around the holidays or pay for meals during the weekends.