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Teacher's unique connections to Nimitz

Teacher's picture from time in service over picture of the USS Nimitz

Nimitz Middle School is named for Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz. He played a major role in the Navy’s history as a Commander during World War II. As it turns out, Nimitz also played a major role in the life of Robert Gonzalez.

Bobby holding NEISD way signGonzalez is the Commander of the Junior Cadets at Nimitz Middle School.

But before serving the students at Nimitz, Gonzalez served our country on the USS Nimitz.

“I served for 22 years in the Navy. I served in the Gulf War. I was the Fire Marshal on the Nimitz. I went all over the world. The Nimitz was my last sea-going assignment. I had the greatest time of my life in the Navy.”

And while he loved his time on the USS Nimitz—he equally loves his time at Nimitz Middle School. Although he admits with his current assignment, he at least gets summers off.

He’s found his passion. You can hear it in his voice when he talks about his students and what they learn from him. He’s teaching them how to believe in themselves. He’s teaching them about respect. He’s teaching them about honor, courage and commitment.

“I tell the kids from day one they are special. They are cadets. They are elite,” said Gonzalez. “Education is where I belong, without a doubt. This is my life. I am having too much fun. Middle schoolers are the best.”

Letter that Admiral Nimitz wrote to Nimitz MSGonzalez has seen students with zero interest in cadets go on to join JROTC when they get to Legacy of Educational Excellence (LEE) High School. And seeing them in their uniforms is such a proud moment for him. He appreciates the opportunity to pass on his patriotism to the next generation of students and potential military recruits.

“It’s like I was made to serve. This is service to the community -- to the children. I am so comfortable doing it. I have done so many other jobs, but this wakes me up every morning. If I am serving these kids, that is the flag I will run with.”

On Veterans Day, we want to honor the North East ISD teachers and staff who served our country before serving our students.

Posted by: Evan Henson
posted on: 11/10/2022